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Easter Sunday 2016

Christ is Risen

Easter Sunday
March 27, 2016
10:00 am

Topic: The Power of the Cross

At our last preschool chapel before Easter recess, it was that time in the church year to explain why I wear a cross necklace, and why the school processional cross has a cross shape at the top, and why there is a cross above our altar, and on our walls, and carved into the front of our altar. I explained that religious leaders became more and more angry with Jesus, and more and more jealous about him being a threat to their power.

Easter Sunday 2015

Christ is Risen

Topic: An Ignatian view of Easter

We celebrate the resurrection from the dead of our Lord Jesus Christ. This was not the resuscitation of someone they thought was dead, but an EMT team was able to give CPR and revived him. This was something beyond our medical knowledge and beyond our understanding…