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Palm Sunday 2016

palm sunday

Palm Sunday
March 20, 2016
10:00 am

Topic: Triumphal Journeys

Jerusalem sat at the crossroads of the East; west to Egypt, north to Asia Minor, east to Syria. It was on a heavily traveled trade route. Merchants, traders, craftsmen, and swindlers filled the city. Jerusalem was also the capital city of Judea, and the home of Solomon’s Temple. Every Jew who could manage it was expected to take the annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the celebration of the Passover Feast. Into this swirling circus of cultures, languages, and customs we enter today into Holy Week; the last week of the earthly life of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Palm Sunday 2015

palm sunday

Topic: The Cross That We Carry

Jesus had been loved, honored, sought after, and followed. Peter, James and John at least, maybe more of them, were beginning to understand who he was. Why couldn’t Jesus just stay under the radar of the powerful occupying Roman government; just out of sight from the paranoid Temple leadership?