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Last Sunday after Pentecost

Topic: The Reign of Christ Our King

Today is the Last Sunday of Pentecost season, and the last Sunday of the Christian year, the day that we celebrate Christ as King. Today can also be referred to as the Reign of Christ Sunday, since it reveals what the world will be like when Jesus’ sovereign rule over all is accomplished.

17th Sunday after Pentecost

Jesus is Lord

Topic: Producing Fruits for the Kingdom

There is a goal Paul was pressing toward, and it is a goal all of us hold as Christians. That goal is to pursue Christlikeness in this life; to think like Christ, to act like Christ, to see other people as Christ did, and to love like Christ loves us.

15th Sunday after Pentecost

Jesus is Lord

Topic: the Last will be First

Here is another one of those parables of Jesus that seems to have the primary intention of confusing us; a full day’s wage for an hour’s work; the first is last and the last is first; what do the wage practices of a vineyard have to do with how God works?

6th Sunday after Pentecost

Jesus is Lord

Topic: Being a Kingdom Thinker

The parable Jesus taught about the good seeds and the weeds, was a lesson to explain what our new relationship with God is like. We are God’s children. And in that relationship, prejudging, and judging, holding back generosity, and keeping blessings for ourselves are not part of that new relationship.